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My Story

I have always strived to be the best in anything I have tried. Growing up in southern California in the surf skate community we all dreamed of being a pro and I worked my way up to one of the best in the world at skating competing in the x-games and the MTV contests.

Unfortunately, the body can only handle that life for so long and eventually my new wife and I decided we needed a steady income. In the SoCal skate punk scene there was nothing cooler than a chopper and I always loved building them so off to phoenix to MMI we went. I was able to double my Harley courses and graduated the best student of the course in 9 months when it’s supposed to take a year. I lucked out a couple times and was able to work for a couple great family owned Harley Davidson dealerships in Florida and California where I cut my Harley teeth and was able to learn under a mechanic that had been at the same dealer since the 70s and was a champion flat tracker as well. The owner of the dealership had been in the HD business for over 50 years so everything had to be perfect and he made sure of it by watching me every single day for years. Anyway I learned the right way to do things. Over the next 10 years or so I achieved the status of Master of Technology from Harley Davidson. To get this you have to hold a master level, which takes five years of dealer training to earn, in each of the 5 Harley Davidson courses, service, electrical, chassis, powertrain, and vrod. Then you have to hold those for a couple years while attending training every year at the HD factory in Milwaukee and you get the Master of Technology title. My family and I then made the decision to move to the NOVA area and once here I began to work at a dealer and started doing work on the side to make ends meet. Well this side work became so popular that I was literally working on bikes for seven days a week 17 hours a day and still not keeping up with the dealership and the side work. It was then that me and my wife and daughter took the leap and started our own shop but we did it off our property to build up our loyal customer base and all the tools it takes to run a shop. It took three years of this before the little shop wasn't able to handle all the requests for work and there was just no more space. We decided to take another leap and get a building to make The Power Speed Shop into a real business where we listed out address and had a web page instead of just getting customers, over 300 at the time, by word of mouth only and we have never looked back.

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